EngageIT VDP Software

EngageIT Variable Data is a new, professional suite of variable data printing (VDP) software tools from Konica Minolta that has been tightly integrated with the Adobe® InDesign® page layout application. The EngageIT VDP modules provide sophisticated variable data printing and data publishing features, with a built-in feature set that offers a great solution for automating production work, such as Bar Coding and Consecutive Numbering. The result? Unique, personalized output that's easy to execute and fully supported on all Konica Minolta and other digital presses.

Available Versions [Desktop and Pro]

EngageIT VDP is offered in two versions, EngageIT VDP Desktop and EngageIT VDP Pro. The Desktop version is a feature-packed, entry-level offering that is available at an incredibly reasonable price! The output for the Desktop version supports PDF as well as Optimized PDF/VT. The Pro version offers faster output, as well as access to a number of "Power User" features, such as Box Rules, Variable Page Switching, and Embedded Style codes. For more details, including a comprehensive feature comparision between the Desktop and Pro versions, please click here to download the product brochure.

EngageIT VDP Automation

EngageIT VDP has been fully integrated with Enfocus Switch, the premier workflow automation tool. The combination of EngageIT VDP and Enfocus Switch allows the user to create complex, customized workflows that streamline and automate the processing of VDP jobs. Once a job has been prepared with EngageIT VDP, the new VDP Packager feature can be used to submit the job directly to a Switch workflow. All of the processing then takes place on the Switch workstation, thereby freeing the design workstation immediately for other tasks. Please visit the EngageIT VDP Automation page for more details.

EngageIT VDP Video

We have included a video below to provide a quick overview of the powerful features included in EngageIT VDP software. Please have a look at the video to see how a completely personalized, direct mail postcard can be merged and printed in seconds using EngageIT VDP. For even more demo videos, please visit the EngageIT VDP Videos Page on this web site.


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